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I'm Japanese and I love to travel and understand local cultures. The books I read are mostly related to uncovering the truths behind different kinds of cultural phenomena. To not be too serious, I relax with all kinds of entertaining books about traveling!

Not Just a Classic But The Turth Behind Communism

The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

If only Mao Tse Tung himself would have read this book the world would be a better place. Being an extremely old classic, it's quite easy to misunderstand the meanings in this text. However if one has enough dedication as well as time to go deep into the roots of the communist manifesto, one can understand what communism really is.


It is not an enforced state, but instead a natural occurrence of people working together as one for the benefit of all. Creating a large scale community out of communistic ideas is obviously going to lead a nation to failure in one way or another.


I encourage all those who want to understand the true capabilities of China to read this book!