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I'm Japanese and I love to travel and understand local cultures. The books I read are mostly related to uncovering the truths behind different kinds of cultural phenomena. To not be too serious, I relax with all kinds of entertaining books about traveling!
People reading books at a Chinese bookstore
People reading books at a Chinese bookstore

Just wanted to share this great photo I short at a huge book store in Beijing. I just love bookstores, especially in Asian countries because here people use them as their living rooms. You can spend hours and hours without anyone bothering you or asking you to kindly buy the book you are reading.


In this photo, people are lined up around a glass wall to read books. Often every possible corner, or edge of a wall is taken so it might take quite some time to find a spot. Or you can always look for a seat in the coffee shop.


I hope you like this picture.



Hyuuga Kawai