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I'm Japanese and I love to travel and understand local cultures. The books I read are mostly related to uncovering the truths behind different kinds of cultural phenomena. To not be too serious, I relax with all kinds of entertaining books about traveling!

Paying is Optional

Evasion - CrimethInc.

"Paying is Optional" seems to be the motto throughout this enlightening book about how an alternative lifestyle in this world. And giving new light and positive meaning to the word bum. These are personal and real stories of people who refuse to use money for their lives, yet live within the society itself which runs on money.


Who is to doubt these people and their doings, in contrast to a businessman these people have simply selected a different way of life within the same game.


This thought provoking book leaves us thinking of the adventures we have missed because we had money. A well hidden message within the book is that using no money is not about having or not having it. Anyone in the world could enjoy dumpster diving.. or giving back to greedy, filthy rich companies.


Must read!