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I'm Japanese and I love to travel and understand local cultures. The books I read are mostly related to uncovering the truths behind different kinds of cultural phenomena. To not be too serious, I relax with all kinds of entertaining books about traveling!

Tale of Books Taking The Form of a Show in Shanghai

There are times when a picture tells more than a thousand words, however it can also be the other way around. Words have a unique quality, in describing something in a way that incorporates with imagination. And as all of us know from our childhood, imagination is an extremely powerful thing. Something that some people have even lost because they are too concentrated on observing what is real and what not. This is an illusion however, and books are a great way to break that illusion and make us more open to all the beautiful experiences around us.


Yet, there is a third path between pictures and words. It is the combination of the two which is definitely one of my great favorites in the world of mediums such as performing arts. I was checking out some of the shows in Shanghai and found out that there are performances that use this exact combination. To display extreme theatrical skills beyond facts and fiction.. one needs to persuade the audience through both sences, of the visual and of the language itself. While not a book in it's exact form, all speech can be considered one in it's original form. Take for example, the great Osho (who unfortunately never had the opportunity to visit China) who is has written perhaps more books than anyone else in the world. However, all of his books were not written but spoken by himself, thus excluding him from such classifications. This is a shame, because it could not be further from the truth and simply feeds these "reality seeking" society structures.


But in China, particulary in Shanghai you have an awareness that is melting the two, and skipping reality alltogether inorder for people to enjoy and be happy in life. These shows, such as acrobatics carry this unique quality of giving people hope beyond their normal daily "realities". So I did go and see one of these, at the Shanghai Centre Theatre, which boasts historical acrobatic performances. And I was very surprices indeed, because the show was something even more spectacular than the city of Shanghai itself.


It made me think that I should write a book about it. Which could be the next step in my taking part of the melting of these realities or dreams if we could call them that.


Best literature and show regards,


Hyuuga Kawai